FALLOUT FROM HOT MIC TAPE Several GOP leaders urge Trump to quit race amid latest controversy

I am going to be 100 percent honest here,what Trump said that people are urging him to quit for are things that at some point in life most men have said and or thought and to think something said years ago which is locker room talk as Trump described it when he said those things he said things that most men have said thought and hoped for at some point in their lives likely hundreds of times. He also said this long before ever deciding to run for president.It isn’t like he woke up today and decided to express his desires openly the man is not politically correct and of these GOP leaders calling for him to quit the race shows what hypocrites they are because I promise you all there is no man on the face of this earth that has never had such desires as Trump spoke of. Now for those of you worried about what he said about these women look at the attacks Hillary has waged against  women. Hillary saying he can never become president but look at the terrible record she has where women are concerned. I say lets put these people of the GOP and members of the left to submit to a lie detector to see if they have ever said these things about women? And as far as Hillary is concerned Hillary has said worse and just look at Bill Clinton’s thoughts on women and most on the left accept that as Bills way. So was it wrong what Trump said years ago or do we chalk it up to man talk and move on? After all it was said years ago Hillary was the first to pounce on this not for one moment taking time to reflect on the women she has destroyed and the others she has allowed her surrogates to savage Everybody has a past and everybody has flaws and these weak GOP non leaders are no better than Hillary if they think we believe they never shared thoughts like Trump had years ago. Like it or not it is reality a lot of men spend a lot of time hoping to get “lucky” Unlike Bill Clinton who forced the luck more than once!


Signing off but never tapping out! God bless America



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  1. I am a 52 (almost) year old woman from Arkansas. I am chalking it up as MAN-TALK. Said in a setting of men chatting it up…trash talking before meeting this beautiful woman. I agree, it sounds disgusting when you are years later running for president and someone puts I t out there to destroy you.

    I agree, what man hasn’t spoken in a setting of other men and done the same? I will go further than that and ask this question. How many women at some point in their lives haven’t done the same thing only in a setting of women? How many of these men and women who say these things all for a laugh certainly never acted on them nor would they want a recording played back years later for family or co-workers to hear.

    I think if anyone gives her a vote BECAUSE of this is completely ridiculous. He has been a business man for many years. She has been a politician for many years. Her record needs to be judged more harshly in my humble opinion. He has not represented the USA but Hillary Clinton has been a representative of America and what has she done? Lies, lies, lies. If people cannot see this they are clearly not looking into her POLITICAL life. Forget her life prior to politics and only look at her as a person who has supposedly represented the people. Don’t just listen to her but what has happened. Heck, forget everything and just look at the fact that all these years and she doesn’t know what is confidential and what isn’t? What a lie. And we just say ok, bless your stupidity? She has put our security at risk. Not that we haven’t already been tossed toss the wolves but this goes on her.

    So, if we judge him on this I say ask yourselves (all of us), do we want every thought we have ever had displayed for the world? No.

    If this “I am not already quitter”, quits because GOP says he should then I would have to seriously question if this was all part of the plan.

    Never seen such craziness going on in my life. From this to the riots to killing our police officers to stabbings and shootings and don’t forget the beheadings. Something daily.

    • Thank you for such a well thought out reply and a post I whole heartedly agree with Dear Hillary has spent so much time trying to cover up her misdeeds that she looks somewhat foolish saying Trump has no place being President,to make this an issue legitimately she would have to put her husband center stage and attempt whitewash his and much of her political careers. Honestly I am amazed so many Americans are supporting her Thanks again for your time and opinion, have a great day.

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