I believe this election is already decided Hillary lies I believe that at some point we will find out thatHillary’s election has been purchased

Just look at how the FBI, has destroyed evidence such as laptops, how an arms dealer set to testify against Hillary had the charges mysteriously dropped, How the FBI chose not to charge Hillary even after she lied to a federal officer How her husband got on a plane with the head of the DOJ and suddenly there was no basis to charge Hillary with a crime.Look how so many of Hillary’s aides were granted immunity When immunity is handed out it is because somebody has information yet it appears nobody is testifying   WHY?I will tell you right now this minute, We the People are getting screwed and Hillary and Obama think they are slicker than pig shit America was not meant to allow  people like Hillary Clinton to run a nation

Our founding fathers never meant for this country to be run by the corrupt!



Don’t forget to vote



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  1. And I would be inclined to agree with you. Put this way…if it comes down to Florida again, like in 2000, who do you think would be the bigger tiger this time around…Hillary or Trump? Al Gore was a panty waste compared to Hillary’s win-at-all-cost attitude.

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