People monitoring this election claim there is fear on both sides

I agree and the reality is yes Clinton has some experience that Trump does not but as Trump pointed out at the debate Clintons  experience is the wrong kind of experience. Trump has never held a government position which means he is not a politician which is a good thing Trump has never gotten people killed,Clinton has gotten people killed and Clinton has engaged in an effort to cover up those deaths of people who were “our people” so one has to ask, of the two candidates who is the one Americans can trust more? I can answer that question and I am sure most of you also know that Hillary is a liar and the knock on her since she started her campaign was her outrageous  numbers concerning her trustworthiness Like her husband she has lied under oath then we just recently saw that all her aides were granted immunity over her unsecured private server scandal and with that I am going to point out Hillary and Bill have been a non stop continuous source of scandal for years and years . So we have Trump  who I will admit is not the perfect candidate but he has not gotten Americans killed, he has not left Americans to die, and I know for damn sure he He is not the one whose  policies along with Obama’s gave rise to ISIS which have brought us more American deaths.

Signing off but never tapping out. God bless America!



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  1. Thanks for the reblog my friend I just posted another about lies or political correctness

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