What has happened to America? Trump should not be struggling to beat the biggest liar to ever run for the presidency

Seriously Hillary Clinton left Americans to die in Benghazi and people are still voting for her?WTF is that all about We don’t leave people behind yet Hillary did and may be rewarded with the white house Apparently corruption and lies have become acceptable I am disgusted that after all the lies Hillary is still in the race But do we view the deaths of Americans that Hillary was supposed to protect acceptable She tried to lie about the attacks and she actually  insinuated that the families who lost loved ones were lying about what she said.It is a sad day when Americans fail to deliver justice for those killed on foreign soil but rather push the person responsible for those deaths closer to becoming president.Trump is right America has lost its spirit.




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  1. Greetings and thank you for the reblog it is always appreciated,I am really having trouble understanding why Hillary is still gaining votes after all the lies and endless scandals Americans died and she even painted one of the families as a liar because she lied about the video excuse for causing the attack.Have a good day I will be posting another piece shortly

  2. To be honest, ol’ friend, I put the shoe on the other foot. Hillary Clinton would be getting trashed by 40 points right now if she were running against anybody BUT Trump. He’s the second worst candidate in American history (she’s the first)…and it’s because of all of his egotist outbreaks and all-night tweet sessions that he’s in the bind that he’s in. If he were to shut his mouth and stay focused on what his campaign people (who are professionals after all) tell him to do, he will win. If he keeps making comments about some Miss Universe winner from 30 years ago that nobody cares about, he’s going to get beat. It’s that simple. He’s not a politician, which you and I would probably agree is good. But that causes problems in the long run, and he has to focus more and stay on teleprompter more in order to avoid these stupid comments!

    • I agree he is not a great candidate but his record is not loaded with ten foot deep pile of lies topped off with the deaths of Americans she tried to cover up Since when do we leave our own to fend for them selves?Now I do agree Trump lately seems to be his own worst problem like the beauty queen drama and such But in my mind Hillary simply should not be gaining these votes she is total pond scum I have to say my true issue is not Trump not kicking ass but rather the number of Americans that are willing to accept her and her atrocities that have cost Americans their lives. Have a great day thanks for the input.

      • Always good to hear from you Basharr… and while I still think between the two of them, I’d like Trump, read today’s blog. I’m sickened by what happened yesterday!

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