The Emissaries of Evil AKA The mainstream media

all it takes is a glance at the true story of Benghazi to see the MSM does not care that Clinton got people dead by denying requested extra security in the real world people would be pissed the hell off that a candidate for President had actually left Americans to fend for themselves during an attack instead of doing everything humanly possible to help our people who were under siege and as if that was not enough she also tried to cover it up for those of you who watched the first presidential debate a couple nights ago you saw something that never would be happening were it not for the policies of Clinton and Obama ISIS would not be possible. think back as we watched in horror as journalists were beheaded and the entire time who continued to make a spectacle out of it when those images were being shown and yet ISIS remains and Hillary tries hard to distance herself from her own actions rather than be presidential and take accountability for her lapse of good judgment but here is the rub, Hillary Clinton is covered no matter what she does because the MSM is in control and they are pushing her to victory..well thats if We as in you and I allow it. The MSM is unamerican and corrupt Americans who want better must step up and shut down this attempt to subvert our democracy for a bastardized version of what the MSM wants us to accept as a viable reality when in truth the narrative pushed by the MSM is all about destroying what has made our democracy great. Just think about it , in what world does Hillary Clinton ever even come close to becoming president after so much scandal, lying and outright cheating Right now the MSM supports Hillary even as we are under a constant threat of terrorism Hillary is pushing for open borders Why now? Understand Hillary does not achieve the white house without the propping up of the main stream media Are we going to allow this to happen or we as a nation going to dash her hopes and send her off into a long retirement. Hasn’t Hillary Clinton done enough damage in her lifetime? It is my belief that good patriotic Americans need to assure that the MSM gets the message that America is stronger and far more willing to take their country back from the Emissaries of evil who seek to rule this nation from behind the scenes hoping for

patriotism to die out!We simply cannot remain silent any longer as the MSM has been allowed to grow far more powerful than is safe for our democracy

Signing off but never tapping out God bless America!



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  1. Thanks for the reblog much appreciated in looking at the reality that has become the mainstream media there are obviously comparisons that are very close in nature to the ministry under Hitler and an obvious hatred of conservatism, but what is the real cost to you and I and what can we do about it honestly? I mean we can make others aware but that does not mean they will take action or even care?

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