Charlotte Riots, it was not a book

Even though the mans gun was recovered from the scene there are still Blacks stating he was holding a book. which I do not believe based on the reality the officers gun and another gun have been secured that makes two guns the book narrative I believe is akin to the “hands up don’t shoot” lie Now I have a question this was a black officer and a black victim why are there calls to hang this on the white devils? I for one am not a white devil I am just a guy who happens to be white that stands always at odds against the devil I guess it is easier to blame whites than to look inward at the driving force behind the actions taken by the black community,looting,violence,blame instead of responsibility. A mans life came to an end under bad circumstances but that is not or at least should not be seen as a free ticket to do harm to others,or to destroy property because if that is the path you choose instead of doing what is right and just then you are just as much to blame ,and you folks doing the rioting and harm are in fact the devil you may know To me you look like a bunch of cowards afraid to be real people with real hope who are unwilling to embrace the thought that bad things happen especially when you do the wrong things when you know better.I saw a man on TV claiming to be an advocate that said he wanted an economic embargo and to pull all white dollars from south park mall This man is a fool but is getting his 15 minutes of fame, but he does not understand money knows no prejudice. people are not going to drive farther so they can spend less money.How about protesting peacefully and honoring the man who lost his life,He is with God now.I am sure his family does not want their neighborhood to be torched and looted,right?



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    Call it like it is. The rioting, is MONKEY behavior. Their brains are rotted from smoking too much pot.

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