Thoughts on the coming election

I obviously do not know who is going to win this election but as I sit here enjoying some fresh grapes and cheese if this election does not end in a republican win we as a nation will see most likely 4 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency marred by as much scandal that has existed since she began her candidacy. The woman is corrupt and that will never change until the day she cashes in her chips for the last time and to be honest anybody who does not believe me is fooling themselves.We saw this week how she speaks about Trump supporters and frankly it is not shocking in the least because she has been allowed to be a nasty person her entire time she has been involved in politics.Nobody holds her accountable and that is why she can sit there smugly and lie directly to your face, most people know the deal and it all hinges on the fact there is no requirement for accountability in the democratic party However that does not mean it is acceptable that people like Hillary escape justice over and over It simply means her party is fine with the scandals until it begins to harm the party.Signing off but never tapping out

God bless  America!


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