TRUMP SEIZES ON COMMENT GOP nominee defends supporters Hillary labeled ‘basket of deplorables’

How is it that Hillary Clinton believes she is worthy of the white house when she calls people not voting for her a basket of deplorables? news for you Hillary if Trump does not win it will be your job to lead this nation and now we the people know how you viewrepublican voters and others that will not vote for Hillary I believe Hillary fancies herself somewhat akin to a queen but the reality is she is simply a power hungry woman who will do anything to become president, but it is my opinion that if she can speak so poorly about voters she does not deserve to be president.We do not owe Hillary a single vote and we damn sure do not deserve to be labeled by her as deplorable This single act of attacking the american voter may well be her undoing because she is unable to control her temper and thus she has again crapped the very bed she may have to sleep in. and she cannot lie her way around the names she has tied to Americans



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