POWELL: DON’T ‘PIN’ THIS ON ME Ex-secretary of state rejects Clinton claim he ‘told her to use’ email server

It seems that Hillary cannot be honest about anything after Ben cardin defended h Hillary over perjury charges she, s already telling more lies I said it a couple weeks ago the woman is a pathological liar.Did she honestly believe that Powell was going to let her claim that he told Hillary  to use the private email server?We are talking about a man of honor not one of her democrat enablers that that sit back and nod over and over as she lies through her teeth.Christ at this point her lying has become disgusting in factit has gone past disgusting at what point does her party demand honesty?She is making alldemocrats look like idiots and she just keeps on telling lieslook I do not care how badshe makes the democrats look but it is disgusting she keeps telling lie after lie they continue to try and cover her ass but by now that is impossible every day brings more lies can you just for an instant try to imagine how screwed up her administration is going to be if god forbid she wins the election?She is without a doubt the worst candidate I have ever seen try to win the white house Trump should be sticking a fork in her because after telling all these lies in ny sane world she should be done!


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