Maybe Will Smith has been on the Hollywood plantation for too friggin long

Look Free speech is just that FREE! you don’t talk bout cleansing it you accept it for what it is he has the right like all of us to say what he says but  that sure as hell does not mean I have to like it.


If you notice he makes a joke about the possibility of a Muslim threat never giving a thought to the largest attack on American soil 911 there have been more than one attack by Muslims in America and around the world but to him it is a joke because he personally has never been attacked and I hope he never is attacked with anything more than the weapon I use now, Plain old words.Will it is an embarrassment to see you an educated man speaking about cleansing speech for that Mr. Smith should be ashamed,how un -American of you!

I wonder why I am not seeing you  trying to cleanse the hateful speech used by Black Lives Matter? That is probably a question I will never get an answer to. Glad to be back and writing again I had a health problem  and had to be in the hospital but as usual I am signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America


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    Really, who watches Will Smith movies..?

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