HILLARY ENLISTS ‘THE DREAMERS’ Clinton recruiting undocumented kids to boost her immigrant voter support

This is not even a new low for Hillary but it is a look into her twisted mind that she is willing to treat anyone as a political pawn,what happens when and if Hillary loses and she finds the promise she has made to these kids cannot be fulfilled? or  what about the possibility that even if she wins republicans retain the majority?you see,to Hillary these kids are a tool, nothing more and sadly there is little that can be done to stop her and her belief that everybody has a use in her hunt for the white house,Trump needs to kick her ass in this election so we can be rid once and for all of Clinton politics and lies.

Signing off but never tapping out!God bless America! Remember Trump has opened the door for the dreamers,they just have to follow the laws of this nation  and he is not using children as pawns.


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    Hillary is giving them false hope. If she fails in her bid for the Oval Office, they will be devastated. She should simply tell them the truth, but truth would be too much to ask of, Hillary.

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