EMAIL HACKING FALLOUT: Dems scared another trove could surface before Nov.

Look if they are worried more could surface then bet your bottom dollar that there is a ton of information just waiting to be hacked and honestly I hope it happens before the election. because the people deserve a two party system that does not contain a party that uses the politics of the Clintons. the Clinton are scums,cheats and underhanded and yes we the people deserve more but we will never get it from anything with the name of Clinton attached When are people going to get it,the Clinton’s are in this for the money and they will lie to you over and over because you people who adore the Clinton’s enable them to carryout and maintain a criminal operation that keeps these two people specifically rolling in cash this election could shut down once and for all the highly illegal Clinton money machine and the pay to play schemes that allow the Clinton’s to take in foreign money and line their pockets with untold millions when we read about how broke Hillary said they were after leaving the white house ,one has to wonder how in such a short time they became billionaires? they should be banned from all American politics



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