The Democrats are running a pathological liar for president

This would be a funny headline were it not the truth,two weeks ago Hillary told Chris Wallace that Comey stated that she told the truth and today in the news we find that Hillary is sticking to her story.Honestly when a person knows what they say is untrue and a majority of the time the statements they make are untrue Then I start to believe the person has a mental disorder and as such should maybe be excluded from holding any type of public office Look if Hillary stands by her Comey story claiming he said she told the truth when the entire nation sees it for the lie it is and yet she continues to stand by that lie I have to say this person,Hillary in this case is likely a pathological liar unfit for office due to mental disorder The problem is likely most democrats can see Hillary for what she is but dare not voice their beliefs about it which in reality is the reason so many democrats are often seen as people unwilling tobe honest Just once I would love to see a democrat call Hillary out for her blatant unending lies and truly speak honestly.don’t you think there are democrats who just want to jap-slap Hillary for all the lies she tells?


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