Paul Ryan takes a shot at Trump for not hitting Hillary

Thank you Mr. Ryan Trump is now back on message lets see how much damage Trump brought down upon himself by wandering far,far off message.? I would swear the man has ADD the way he allows himself to become distracted. but we knew going in Trump was no politician,which is a good thing Hillary  will now be in the fght of her life and all her sins are going to be in plain view for the voters to see, stating with her 1.3 trillian tax hike! she should be ripe for the picking since Trump is putting forth tax cuts that will give Americans extra money on payday he should be able to push Hillary into the ditch Hillary’s tax hike of 1.3 trillian is the plan of a left wing zealot having some issues in dealing with reality, stick a fork in her because she should be DOA trying to gouge taxpayers so deeply!



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  1. Can you imagine for just a moment, had Trump not strayed off message all of those times, but stuck to hammering Hillary as the third-term Obama, exactly how much he’d be leading by? He’d be up by 20 points or more! And it really does bother me that here I sit in the middle of a friggin’ desert, and I know BETTER than the Republican nominee for president of the United States how to stay on message! Is that disheartening or what???

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