My message to The Donald

Mr. Trump I realize you are not a politician,so please stop pretending to be one.Last week Hillary lied like mad on the weekend news shows and you said nothing about it get off the election is rigged mantra as it is causing you to miss opportunities to hit Hillary where it hurts, missed opportunities could spell the difference between winning and losing millions of people are counting on you and if Hillary wins America as we know it may cease to exist because if Hillary wins America loses its borders we Americans need a country with borders to remain a sovereign country and Hillary has plans to destroy the very borders that make this country a country and not just a plot of land.Please get on message,stop with attacking a old star family and attack Hillary because honestly she and her party are destroying America from within time is getting short and like it or not you re not in the lead.You can win but not by claiming the system is rigged hen you are letting Hillary do as she pleases you owe it to us that support you to get with the program and start bringing the axe down on Hillary’s campaign,she is weak but you must be stronger and more focused or we are going to lose our nation for good.each of us trusted you with our only vote,please honor that trust.



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  1. The Trumpster is certainly not a politician, let alone a seasoned one. I pray he start getting some good advice soon (and taking it) or I fear he will blow it. It is a love/hate thing about him…I love that he is who he is but I cringe because while many of us ‘get him’ so many don’t and he needs to be more mindful of that, IMHO.

  2. I believe/hope Trump is more controversial as a candidate than he is a President. He will be more presidential. He won’t be on camera quite as much……. he’ll be spending more time In meetings, where he shines.

  3. Where is all the hell fire apocalypse destruction of America you predicted when Obama won back in 2008?

    • lavender,Have you taken a look at the Economy lately,or how about the rise of ISIS? There is plenty of crap that is without a doubt is Obamas doing and much of it is due to his failure in leadership of this great nation so when you find yourself looking into the light after venturing out side your bubble maybe you may notice how screwed up America is thanks to a do-nothing president unwilling to protect Americans while assuring Iran can have nukes

      • Basharr, please understand, I don’t live in a bubble. I see what’s going on. Things have been bad under both parties. There really is only a marginal difference between them. You like republicans and you don’t like democrats. I get that. That’s fine. All I’m saying is that the rhetoric is over-the-top.

    • you may not live in a bubble but the question you asked of me seemed to indicate you were a denier of the failures of the Obama presidency the man squandered the best chance ever posed to the nation as a man of two colors who could have done wonders for race relations instead when things arose around race he interjected himself or worse Al sharpton now I am carrying on a bit but because I want you to know I speak not out of color honestly in his first election he won and I hoped he would do good he he did not in the midst of a financial melt down he chose to spend a trillion dollars on the non existent shovel ready jobs it seemed at every turn he found a need to spend more money we did not have my words in 2008 were a product of a president running wild no country can print what they do not have and survive he has harmed his nation quite badly and we will be generations repaying what he has spent and now he has hamstrung our military to the point we might have a bit of trouble if we had to field an army…thanks for returning with more welcome dialog.

  4. You are SO right! If Donald Trump stuck to his message about immigration, terror, the economy, and the military, and all of the damage Obama has done to all of them in the last 7 years, and that Hillary is just another Obama in a pant suit, he’d be ahead by 20 points right now. So, how can two relatively intelligent people like you and I see that, and some super-brain that went to Wharton can’t?

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