Legalized marijuana and the systemic breakdown of law and order

I had what some would term a large sum of money when I bought my home I paid it off fairly quickly and moved forward with whatever plans life had in store for me. now every day I am blessed with the glorious view of people selling marijuana even the homeless in this town who cannot put a roof over their heads but they find the money for pot.Well since they allowed for medical marijuana grows up here which by the way is 72 plants per parcel, this is straight up idiotic and don’t bother calling the police about the pot sales even though that is still illegal the 72 plant limit has According to the sheriff made our town a magnet for growers so we citizens get to see a bunch of people with no regard for the law sell this stuff day in and day out and god forbid you don’t want to see it. hell they hit me up for prescription drugs while I am taking out my garbage. you see these people with their pot cards think everybody is an addict and they think ownership of a pot card extends to painkillers as well Something has to be done in this town,72 plants per parcel person is far too much and why do I a non user have to deal with all the addicts I have gotten nowhere with the police



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  1. You are ready, to run for a local elected office.

  2. They just busted a massive illegal grow up here,I ave been saying if they allow it people will exploit the laws. I may run for office next time around.

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