State warns site to remove a list of state senators who passed gun control requiring personal info on gun owners.

Leave it to Jerry Brown to sign this legislation of course this smells of Gavin Newsome who thinks all guns are evil but does nothing when an illegal with a gun killed a young woman for no reason. He is just another hypocrite believing he has a right to take from us the right of the second amendment nobody will take from Americans a right meant to allow the people  to protect themselves if the government failed in working for the people and failing to uphold the constitution and the bill of rights This action should be seen as a shot across the bow. When the list is populated listing all gun owners we shall see our rights diminished or the beginning of what can only be seen as an uprising to reclaim rights they will try to strip from us.


Note: I am not calling for any altercation but we the people will not lay down  Americans will not live on their knees or serve a body of elected people who have openly broken their oath of office to serve we the people.every gun control attempt is a blatant failure of their oath of office



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  1. Remove the list of Senators who are blatantly lying about their gun-control intent? I bet they WOULD like to be taken off the list, NOT A CHANCE!

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