Marsha Blackburn:The democrats doubled down on an Obama third term

Hillary is offering nothing new and in fact it remains to be seen if she has anything in the tank other than her old washed up rhetoric ? insults are a dime a dozen but get to the meat,show you have something to offer besides counting on Obama to bash Trump The woman disgusts me because the FBI passed on prosecution they did say she lied they did say she was careless  with information pertaining to national security but we ll know she is untrustworthy. How can people vote for somebody they know they cannot Trust? If I did  not feel I could trust Trump to at least try to fix things I would likely not vote at all Hillary though sees nothing wrong in her actions an and is the type of person who always wants to blame others, thats why we have heard of her vast right wing conspiracy so often it is her go-t0 excuse when she gets caught screwing the pooch.


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