Hillary Clinton Suggested Trump Couldn’t Be Trusted With The Nuclear Codes

Lol this is a freaking riot Hillary Clinton could not be trusted with an email server. Hillary needs to stop acting like she is the one who is honest and has integrity the whole world knows by now that she is the last person you would trust with the codes for our nukes Look Trump has never left Americans to die on foreign soil Trump has never spent over a year lying to all of America about placing our national security at risk. No, Hillary Clinton would be the last person on earth I would trust with anything pertaining to national security and you know what?All those liberals lining up to push her into the white house Know just how God Damn dangerous that woman is and yet they push her and could give a crap about the damage no borders poses to America Has any single one of her backers thought about the land grab the possible war we may have  when Mexico sees an America without borders? If we do not stop Hillary she may well lead this country to her doom. But who on the left gives a crap?Hell even a retired general is backing the woman who left Americans to die a brutal death and she tried to cover it up blaming a video for the uprising.No Trump is not the problem,the real threat is Hillary and her demented plans for America


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  1. Corruption to the deepest levels!

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