General John Allen: Hillary the leader we need.

Most of you know that I do not make it a habit to attack any member of the military So I will go lightly on the General But I cannot grant him a pass but I can do this quickly with as little pain as possible. If the General has actually taken a look at Hillary’s record well then he knows she has left Americans to die in Benghazi.  so being a general he must have known she plans to remove Americas borders and it would mean that Hillary will do away with our sovereignty and what is a nation which has no sovereign ground it no longer remains a nation because it is borders that define the boundaries of said nation removing borders creates a plot of land that is indefensible. so how is it that his reality is lost on a man who has spent his life defending sovereign ground?  My only answer can be because the man is a liberal. because only a liberal would be so blind to the needs of America to maintain her borders like every other nation …Sorry General but you had this coming, you let politics trump what keeps this nation a nation!


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Too many in the upper ranks are, Democrat. Some I question their loyalties as the US Constitution is minor in their thinking but the oath having the president specific, is their primary political concern. The staunch Patriot members of the US military were dismissed and replaced. So I wonder, what will occur when President Trump, replaces the Traitors? Will they suddenly toe the line, or will there be turmoil?

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