Joe Biden: Donald Trump embraces the tactics of our enemies

Even Joe’s son were he still alive would have told his dad that to defeat isis America and her allies have to be willing to adopt a more brutal plan of attack and be willing to deliver a war without mercy because that is exactly the mind set we are facing. I know many people fear what the war on ISIS will become,but to remain safe we must be willing to fight ISIS and show them absolutely no mercy. They show none to the rest of the world so why should they see even a hint of mercy? they are counting on the fact America will fight a fair and tactical type of war However we need to wage a war like we have never waged before and in my opinion  take no prisoners ISIS must be destroyed at all costs which means we turn their tactics back on them. Look Biden is not putting forward any ideas he is just attacking Trump who obviously understands America has to bring a better battle and a willingness to do what will be far and above what is required . Just my not so humble opinion here but our not so friendly liberal friends Are not viewing ISIS as something that needs to b put down like a rabid  dog. which is exactly the problem, they believe if left alone Isis will fade away. They are dead wrong. ISIS wants to Kill us and will continue to push for the death of America. We here in America need to understand the democrats will not wage the war that would be needed to defeat ISIS and that is obvious because they do not want to hear the truth being laid out by Trump. The left cannot protect you because they are unwilling to admit America must fight a more brutal war which the left believes is not needed

God Bless America and all of you as well !


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