Bill Clinton on Hillary: Best change-maker I’ve ever known

Hillary has made a lot of change to say the least, the woman is making a living while changing the truth into lies I read a headline today that stated “Bill sells Hillary better than Hillary sells herself you see the problem with that headline is this is not Bill Clinton’s campaign for president, Hillary must sink or swim why is she running for office if she has to rely on Bill to do the heavy lifting? I will tell you why,She is in over her head and up until now she has been given  jobs like sec of state and every time she gets caught up in a scandal. Look the FBI has just barely cleared her and now she is caught up in the DNC scandal which involved collusion by Chuck Todd at CNN and how they were making the road for Hillary much easier by stacking the deck. what we have is half of an election that is rigged while Trump plays above board and is not part of the corruption that is toppling the DNC.

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  1. Thanks for the like Dennis have great day.=)

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