Hillary Should not Get a Single vote from this point on

In light of WikiLeaks releasing Democratic National Committee 20,000 emails which show shocking levels of corruption and bias against Bernie Sanders – Debbie Wasserman Schultz has announced her resignation as party chair on the eve of the DNC convention. The WikiLeaks document dump also shows DNC collaboration with the mainstream media, coordination of what questions Hillary Clinton should be asked, demands to case certain types of coverage, the direction of attacks towards both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders within the media, illegal campaign financing events and much much more! Stefan Molyneux is joined by Mike Cernovich of DangerandPlay.com to discuss the controversial fallout of this massive news story and the lengths to which social media and the press have gone to hide the Democratic National Committee Wikileaks scandal.
Thats just a small portion of the massive amount of information that should soundly cement Trumps chance to become president,He called it from the start and yes he too was playing against a stacked deck.It does not look good for Clinton and other members of the mainstream media because they in my opinion tried to steal this election. note that fact should cause some heads to roll. the news is out there now no denying it from this point on Trump is the only person running not tainted by this level of corruption. if Debbie wasserman shultz is involved you know it is a pile of lies and corruption and funny how Hillary immediately hired her. probably to assure she keeps her secrets to herself. or perhaps to assure she is not running her mouth to the wrong people.after all who hires a cheat but another cheat?
Signing off folks but never tapping out  God Bless America and all of you as well.

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