RNC Convention,Where is John Kasich

Were it not for a single line of text I would not have known just what a sore loser John Kasich truly is. It seems the man who pledged to support the eventual Nominee has now shown us he does not honor his pledge as he is a no-show at the RNC convention.The man understands what is at stake and still he turns his back on the party and on America. Perhaps this is a sign for the better this nation has had its fill of oath breakers and honestly if he chooses not to support Trump and his party, then we don’t need him.he is bitter because he thought this was his time to shine. perhaps it might have been but nobody except for a hand full of people like us gave Trump a snowballs chance in hell and frankly he blew everybody out of the water.But at this stage in the game Kasich now looks like a petty poor sport and honestly he is showing the nation he lacks the character we would seek in the person we would want to lead us and our nation forward and out of the fog  with the full vision of better days.John Kasich knew that in order to right America we would have to top Hillary Clinton as well as topple The DNC who have done all they can to stack the deck in Clinton’s favor.So Mr. Kasich you could have upheld your pledge you could have been honorable and made a good faith gesture and inspired unity within the party the fact you chose be a no-show indicates your loyalties are self centered and you have abandoned your party and your post and it should be noted many of us believed you to be a better man than the one you have shown us today thats the problem with politicians they are only as loyal as their last election results.


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