Anti-Trump delegates say they will force roll call vote on rules

Tell me why what amounts to a hand full of people should be allowed to blow what could amount to millions of Americans one single chance to vote in this election? shame on them them for believing and showing such little regard for their fellow Americans,by trying to deny the right of their fellow countrymen’s one and only vote whose right it is to have that vote count. If Ted Cruz is behind this,he should be driven from the states and back to Cuba it is not Trumps fault Ted Cruz is out of the race it is Teds lies that cost him his shot.He tried to screw Rubio and he killed Carson’s chances with lies about Carson throwing in the towel.The man is a total liar. Ted Cruz disappointed me I thought he was n honest man of God compared to his father the apple fell quite far from the tree.



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  1. It was hard to watch but they DID get their ARSES handed to them! Honestly i had thought they have in my opinion have spent some time contemplating moving further left as in the second amendment some were willing to surrender that right after the killings o the 5 dallas officers but then backed off that stance as itt was likely kneejerk reaction.

  2. It’s not a general election, it’s a party organization affair. Same goes for the Democrats. That’s where everything gets messy, especially when the Republicans have veered so far right from any center and the party’s looking increasingly disorganized. In this case, the presumptive nominee and the party regulars are miles apart, and we’re about to see a man crowned for the White House run who never appealed to the majority of the party’s registered voters but still edged out pluralities in a messy field. It’s all very confusing this time around.

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