some-social-media-users-celebrate-batonrouge-police-deathsPolice Officers

Honestly I would love to have the legal right to teach  a lesson to these people who are so  heartless that they would celebrate the murders of not just police officers but men who likely had families,children, I mean what kind of person rejoices in the deaths of Americans,police officers the very people who lay it on the line every day knowing every call could mean danger yet they show up to work every day 99.9 percent of police officers are solid upstanding people of honor and it is disgusting that some sick freaking cowards have the nerve to celebrate the deaths of officers who were ambushed by some cowards thinking this was acceptable in America! I would truly love to teach these sick pukes a lesson they dearly need in this day and age that being heartless should call for an ass whipping that is truly deserved in this case without a doubt call on me I would seriously love the chance to beat down some heartless pukes that are getting their jollies over cops and family men getting murdered.


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