UNDER FIRE: Ginsburg blasted from both sides over ‘highly inappropriate’ Trump comments how can she ever be viewed as impartial on any case again?

Never in our history has a Supreme court justice weighed in on an active presidential election and in the real world what Ginsberg did is possibly taint the rulings if Trump is elected . How can she now be viewed as impartial in anything that a president Trump has before the supreme court? she has some regret now saying her comments were ill advised but rest assured the damage is done and without a doubt she made a huge mistake and it is one that cannot be undone. It is good to see republicans and democrats alike are  angry over her comments and so they should be because the belief that all the justices on the SCOTUS must be impartial it is the only that the highest court in the land can function and be believed to be just in the eyes of the people. Shame on you Justice Ginsberg you have dealt a heavy blow to the court for the whole world to see and how have you possibly damaged the chances of Mr. Trumps Presidential election? You really should consider stepping down.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Ginsburg, should be removed from the Bench.

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