We are a nation of laws and those laws need to be followed

Riot Definition:Three or more persons who assemble and advance a purpose together, with the intent to use force if necessary, and raising alarm of a reasonable person(s).
What is going on in this nation is disgusting!People openly urging people to kill police officers anybody thinking it is okay to kill a police officer needs to be in Prison because that is not acceptable within our society. I have heard the rhetoric about blacks  being killed by police but tell me how many of these deaths is because an individual posed a threat to the officer? One thing I can tell you is BLM has it wrong All Lives matter and that’s the reality here in America.If you kill a cop you should pay the ultimate price yes I mean you should pay with your life to balance it against the life you took.Look if a cop pulls you over, do what he asks, don’t front or act a fool Don’t do anything that can be misconstrued as a threat. The police do a tough job and in many circumstances they have to always be on alert. I would also say Black Lives Matter misleads followers and instigates violence ,if you have no respect for police you are probably not going to enjoy your interactions with police  it is not rocket science,hell use common sense be polite do as asked. There are thousands of people pulled over daily and over 99 percent of them don’t end in a shooting.I honestly have been pulled over more than a hundred times and never once came anywhere close to getting shot.

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