HILLARY IN TROUBLE Poll: Trust an issue as voters rejecting FBI report

Well,I will not gloat,but it it is great to see voters in America recognize that the FBI dropped the ball  and even worse is  the fact that no charges filed truly made her look like she was above the law which will always go against American views and values her lack of charges Comey contends, had no intent but after we found out about her server she continued to lie to us on a daily basis. so how is America to trust her after the private home based server,then Benghazi where she tried to blame the attacks on a video how she claimed she never  had or sent classified content on her home server and just understanding Hillary is not trustworthy. Look at what she did as sec of state, she took out Qaddafi  and by doing so helped to destabilize Libya. also when we found out about her home server the first thing she did was delete 30 thousand emails saying they were  needless and about her yoga exercises I believe hose 30 thousand emails contained information that was above her security clearance and she new it and also knew when her private serve was found out she had to delete those emails to avoid prison. who in this world has 30 thousand emails about yoga exercises?


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