Clinton says: white Americans need to ‘listen up’

If you ask me Hillary needs to listen up it looks like she is supporting the violence coming out of groups like BLM I am going to write something here that in no way is meant to be a racist statement but  Hillary will alienate voters if she continues this line of thought or is it calculated that she believes a minority will deliver her the white house? She is starting to look like we are being warned Hell I don’t know but maybe she is seeking to start a war on American soil…LOL right now she almost looks like a poster child or BLM.But trust me she is damaging her chances on getting elected .I am  telling Hillary America is watching and you are looking and acting like it is trouble you wish to stir.But thank you for showing us so early what a snake you truly are.Folks Hillary has tipped her hand and she is going to buy into the race issue and try to convince her voters that white Americans are at fault for the troubles plaguing Black America,She won’t be happy until she starts a race war!I have said this already Hillary is dangerous and should never take the white house.and it is looking like she is the new Al Sharpton…


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