House GOP calls grow for FBI perjury probe into Clinton statements

FBI Director James Comey is facing growing Republican calls to launch a perjury probe into whether Hillary Clinton lied under oath about her email use when she testified last year before the House Benghazi committee – even as the Justice Department closes the case on the former secretary of state’s private server.If you .happened to watch Hillary Clinton testify before the house Benghazi committee then you know now for sure that Hillary,without a doubt,she lied under oath and is guilty of perjury and honestly I hope to hell they can make it stick because,no Hillary,This is not a vast right wing conspiracy,no Hillary this is all you and your inability to be up front and honest. you lie and then blame others,saying they conspire against you when in reality they need not conspire because you Hillary are the one who has done the most damage to your character than any vast right wing conspiracy ever could.It is completely disgusting that you lack the moral character to be honest and truthful. So while the house seeks to hang perjury charges on you perhaps you would do well to in all of your lies are the one and only person conspiring against you,sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow…but swallow it you must!

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