SNIPER OPENS FIRE AND KILLS AT LEAST 5 COPS, WOUNDS 6 MORE Gunman killed when police detonate robot bomb; said he wanted to kill ‘white officers’; 3 in custody

Now Obama is once again trying to violate his oath of office as he again is staging an attack in our second amendment. Think about this, how often does Obama stand up for our nations police?I remember early in his reign Obama had a drunk professor buddy that while drunk had an.altercation with police and he was arrested for being combative with police. Not knowing the facts Obama Immediately stated on a national stage the police were wrong.Well Obama was wrong and that’s how America came to have its first Beer summit. Obama did not want to say he was wrong but decided all parties concerned should have a beer together he never came out and said he was wrong. My point here is Obama has never truly shown much affection towards the police he  has had to be reminded to fly flags at half mast when something like the killings of these officers in the news today from Dallas Okay now we have killers specifically targeting whites. What has Obama done to improve race relations on his watch? frigging nothing, did he denounce the hate group known as black lives matter? Hell no he just stood by while they did what ever they wanted Hell when Ferguson was overcome with rioters most of which were blacks he largely sat on the sidelines. To me he should have been demanding an end to the violence but honestly the man himself is weak, morally and in character and this is why people have begun to have their doubts about this administrations view of true justice. The killings continue not because of guns but in my opinion Obama has set the stage for them to continue because he politicizes them. At least he is no longer sending Al Sharpton around as his mouth piece. But I do wonder why the hate group BLM was allowed to spread their hate while I cannot remember any form of a white hate group protesting and doing damage. please correct me if I am wrong but I really feel whites have been under the gun on his watch. This post is not about color it i about a president who’s passive tendencies seem to me at least to somewhat foster this violence.Either way the continued killings of our police officers has to stop and I am talking right now.Only a piece of crap thinks shooting a cop is a good way to get some form of twisted justice. I do though have  simple plan to help stop shootings by police officers.Doing exactly what the police expect and ask of you? Right now in our country police are being hunted and our leadership needs to make it plain as day if you kill a cop you will be hunted down like a rabid animal and your justice will be the death penalty. No exceptions! These killers leave broken families and often children who lose the guidance of a father or a mother or god forbid both!Please understand this post covers a period of time starting with Obama’s presidency up until now.


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