Hillary Clinton should be in prison with Eric Holder

What Hillary has done is as serious as what David Patreaus did if not worse he was charged and his career  came to an end. Now here we are and Hillary is not being charged for her  many crimes and lies while under oath. But she will not be prosecuted. And if by chance she was she will be pardoned by Obama this is exactly what is wrong in our nation people with connections are placed above the law.Look at what Obama did with Eric holder, to shield him from prosecution he gave him the status of Executive Privilege over the fast and furious  scandal that left border agents dead that makes it twice this administration has looked the other way instead of holding people accountable for their failures to carry their sworn duty and have Eric Holder answer for the deaths of those border agents on his watch. Now with Hillary I promise you she will never see the jail cell she deserves because our president will place Hillary above the law.I have grown weary writing about a lawless fraud of  president who is a weak man believing his position somehow makes him strong. I got news for him,doing the right thing even when it means indicting a friend is real strength that can only be obtained by doing the right thing and.that is known as delivering JUSTICE!Obama  would not know justice if you slapped in the face with it..



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  1. But the comment I would have is the same thing I always told my kids when coaching soccer and they got pushed or shoved…”What are we going to do about it”?

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