How can we overcome the reality of terrorism in the united states and around the world if our leadership continues to believe political correctness will do anything to help us? it is disgusting that Hillary Clinton responsible for the lives of those lost in Benghazi may now become commander and chief and her whole outlook evolves around political correctness. Americans deserve better we deserve someone who can be honest and tell it like it is not some fuzzy and warm feel good politically correct crap. Terrorism is not “workplace violence it is TERRORISM! America cannot have leadership that is squeamish about the truth nor do we need a leader afraid to label our threats for exactly what they are. If radical Islam is killing Americans then call it radical Islam. quit pussyfooting around reality it is just a way to be politically dishonest! thats why I support Trump because he tells it like it is and pulls no punches. That is what Americans should expect from American leadership! We have had enough of a corrupt administration that endorses a corrupt candidate simply because he wants liberals in power not because she would be a good leader.Anybody with half a brain knows Obama only wants his policies to be carried forward so with Hillary we would have continued corruption,political correctness which all amounts more problems as she wants to open our borders so anybody at any time can stroll into our country and do what ever the hell they want.i bet there are a crap load of terrorists hoping Hillary gets elected because her plan of open borders makes it a playground in America for terrorists.Hillary gambled with American lives in Benghazi and lost do you want her gambling with the lives of your family? Are you willing to put that much trust in her?

Signing off but never tapping out

God bless America!



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