Hillary Clinton supported Obama at every turn and every twist of the truth

How is it after all her lies All her attempts to blame Benghazi on a lie about a video that she knew was a fabricated lie to cover the Obama admin, hell she even did the unthinkable and called the families of the Benghazi victims liars as she tried to avoid the fact that she blamed the deaths on a nonexistent internet video why are people willing to vote for her?Is such a large part of the country so willing to accept and possibly even elect the woman who spent the last year lying daily about top secret emails she knowingly had? I mean these are facts, truths that cannot be denied and in all  honesty she should be in jail yet so many voters don’t seem to care that she placed the security of this nation at risk. How is it that this woman after all she has done still has the Gaul to believe for a second that she is qualified to be our next president? what is wrong in this country that after leaving Americans to die without even attempting to get them help she expects you to choose her as our next president. We do not leave people behind and we damn sure don’t try to cover it up with lies! I am disgusted that Hillary has even received a single vote!There was a time in this country where Hillary would have been sent packing without a second thought. I am ashamed right now that so many Americans are choosing Hillary when they should be taking a stand for our fallen Americans she left to die and deny Hillary the white house!


IT IS A SAD DAY IN AMERICA IT truly is….When we have her open borders like she wants you folks will get more than you had hoped for.For the rest of you folks that understand right from wrong I am sorry that you got stuck reading my rant you have my most sincere apologies.


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