Warren attacks Trump as a dirty money grubber but take a look at the fat cat sitting next to her

Folks,Trump has made his money the old fashioned way while Hillary has gotten rich by questionable means shady transactions and yes she has done her share of lying good lord can that woman tell a lie like nobody else! in fact she is such a natural born liar she actually convinced Bill that her evil ass was actually human! . she cackles like witch in heat I get a chill in my soul just having to hear hers spin more lies she can never prove. She wants you to believe she is best qualified to be president but what kind of leader leaves Americans on foreign soil to die? And honestly who would vote for someone who did such a rotten thing?she left our people to die and then tried to cover it up by blaming an internet video for the attack.Lets not forget hillary then called the dead Americans families LIARS!Hillary is a piece of crap and I am not afraid to tell you she is straight up scum!


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