please explain to me why it is that being granted the right to snuff out a life having to drive 30 miles to do so is too much burden placed on the unwanting mother? how about we pay her as well for her travel and put her up in a hotel for the night? Maybe even give her a gift basket? and lovely parting gifts..Look if you have to drive 30 miles because you were irresponsible then so the hell be it.please explain to me how in the land of the free we have allowed abortion to be carried out with no legal consequences? they give them for free no monetary charge how does that teach  any kind of lesson?most of you know I always wonder how many times we have killed the person who would have cured cancer?God must weep when he sees how we treat the gifts he has bestowed upon may be legal but it in an affront to God!Bring back responsibility!why do people choose death of the unborn over adoption?


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