Allow nothing that has even the smallest effect on the second amendment

… ~ “…Senator Chris Murphy revealed what Second Amendment supporters have said was the anti-Second Amendment strategy all along. Pass incremental infringements on the Second Amendment until nothing is left that means anything. That is why anti-Second Amendment plotters push so hard on legislation that seems unrelated to the current terrorist atrocity. They use it as an emotional vehicle for other legislation they normally could not pass….”…Senator Murphy Reveals “Slippery Slope” Strategy on ABC’s “This Week”



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  1. Alternatively, the existence of individuals who do not respect a Constitutional Amendment at all is not proof that others have identical views, nor is it an excuse to adopt a childishly simple view of that same amendment.

    • true this is about our rights which are quite important this is an attempt by establishment to take from us what they themselves hold /own they would rob from us rights laid out for us by the founding fathersthat they cannot take simply on a whim.

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