Trump presented us with a great anti Hillary Speechillry

Trump understands what America needs while Hillary believes America does not need borders Hillary’s far left beliefs are beyond reckless, they are outright insane

There is no way that open borders do not put us under even more threat that we already have and naturally Hilary would like you to believe that with a zero border plan we are going to be happy and threat free. People, that is total crap and don’t you believe it for a second sovereignty matters and she wants to throw it away because in her twisted progressive mind borders are not needed because everybody is going to love us.yes terrorists are going to love how they can enter our border-less nation with ease and do as much damage as they can.Trump knows Hillary is full of crap and right now Trump is the only one telling the truth about Hillary.People would do well to listen to Trump. What I can promise you is Hillary s going to put us in danger and as in Benghazi she will not be providing security but she will likely need bodybags

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