Warren attacks Trump labels him as a racist bully

Elizabeth warren is the typical liberal while Trump wants protect Americans all the left can do is toss common sense aside.We don’t matter to the left us wanting to be safe is almost a crime.if Hillary is elected we will have a huge injection of refugees to deal with as well as more Mexicans as she wants to allow more immigration.so we are screwed if Trump does not win and this is why I say along with a lot of others it is time for Trump to step into his Presidential persona because frankly we need to know he can be more than a loose cannon. I believe Trump can win but not if he fails to evolve he seems to be in a  holdingpattern and I am wondering if he actually has a plan and the ability  ability to pull it off? sorts because he is not evolving what  am saying is we need to see Trump take the next step and show us more of the leader he would be. Frankly if we saw a more presidential Trump many of his enemies would likely become more accepting of him.Saying he is going to win big time is not overly comforting when we think of whats truly at stake


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  1. I am holding off. Trump met with NRA and reaffirmed that people on watchlists should not be able to buy guns. Watchlists are capricious and arbitrary, nobody has ever been adjudicated by a federal magistrate. People are “secretly” placed on watchlists by incompetent bureaucrats or the boobs that work for them.

    Did the NRA broker a deal with Trump? The NRA has sought for years, to become a federal gun registry agency.

    Trump must state that the Second Amendment, which the NRA failed to defend, is a Right that cannot be infringed. Until such time, I will avoid Trump, and will not vote for him if that position of his, is not changed.

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