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GOP golden boy Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton: “They both want to grow government, keep our borders open, nationalize education through Common Core, tweak but keep Obamacare in place. They could even run on the same ticket.” Of the GOP hierarchy itself, Joondeph was correct in stating: “This establishment wants a party nominee who will go along to get along, reach across the aisle, build consensus and keep the Chamber of Commerce happy. This is a proven model for electoral success. Just ask former Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney.”

The GOP demands unconditional surrender to forces which revere servitude to the status quo; not because it leads to national prosperity, but because it is safe. The political power base is maintained, nothing is put at risk and all is right with the world.

This puts Trump ideologically at odds with Republican Party leaders for he is unwilling to bow and scrape before the ruling class—the sovereign overlords of the DC “Uniparty.”

Trump has been rewarded time and again for doing what he believes to be right. That, however, makes for an unpredictable nature which frightens the hell out of DC demagogues. After all, the time honored traditions of vote buying and political corruption have…

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