How hard is it to say the words and put  the name where it belongs? Trump called for Obama to step down today because he will not use the term,Radical Islam. and to be honest if descriptive terms make the president squirm perhaps he should do the nation a favor and step down. 50 people killed today and Obama cannot find the strength to utter the words “Radical Islam” at this point who is he afraid he is going to offend? People are being murdered by the scores and Obama is playing word games loo it has been quite clear since day one Obama is and has been in far,far over his head and truly seems unwilling to admit he is clueless but if you notice he attacks from the stump where there is no push back until his words have long since faded logic dictates if he fears the words and will not use them then he sends a message that his ire is often a farce over that does not carry needed consequence commonly associated with some way to send a message that action can andwill be taken but instead he retreats time and time again from terms he will not use which leaves him looking weak




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  1. When I saw and heard that boob talking…. I said out loud…PLEASE go put your head in a toilet and Start Flushing!!!!

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