Pedophiles are the scum of the earth and Hillary’s Husband hangs with one

Maybe the democratic nominee for president should be questioned as to why her husband consorts and lives it up on a private island with a convicted pedophile Yes it is true,Jeffrey Epstein entertains the former president on his private island and honestly  I find it disgusting that Bill Clinton actually spends more time there than originally reported there have also been complaints by his secret service protection that he ditches the agents so he can do his own hing without watchful eyes. the island is affectionately known as “Orgy Island” I personally do not feel it is appropriate for a current or former president to be consorting with an unrepentant pedophile/Pervert! and whats worse is the former president is Bill Clinton who is known for a long line of sexual accusations leveled against him over the years.I want to know why Hillary condones bill consorting with a pedophile and spending a lot of time on “orgy Island” how is it the DNC does not have a problem with it? I imagine when enough people start questioning Hillary about why Bill makes numerous trips a year to orgy Island maybe Hillary starts to take on water as this is the type of thing that can sink a usual Bill will be her undoing. The American public will not take kindly to Bill Clinton and yet another questionable  possible sexual exploit. I did not make this up and people need to ask themselves if they can stomach a pedophile scandal with Bill Clinton again making questionable choices while his wife is trying to become president were it not so disgusting i would laugh but this is totally unacceptable


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