My advice for Donald Trump:NEVER Apologise

right now Trump is having to deal with a GOP that is strangely now politically correct they want him to apologize for everything he says and does. I don’t care what he said bout the Mexican judge, I don’t are what he said abut Elizabeth Warren and I don’t give a crap about what he says about the back stabber Mitt Romney Trump has gotten as far as he has by being Trump not by being politically correct when our candidate is attacked we expect him to return the favor ten fold because this a war being waged for he survival of America and all I am seeing is a bunch of GOP wimps continually squirming over the things Trump says. how about the GOP step up and truly push Trump as the candidate. He can beat the oldbeaches campaign without  a  doubt but the GOP needs to let him be Trump because he has the support and a shitload of people wanting their country back! just so we are clear I have labeled the Clinton/Warren campaign the Old Beaches campaign. when they attack Trump I expect Trump to hit back twice s hard this is a war and nobody should be crying foul at this point in the game We simply do not have time for the politically correct crap this is America and our country needs us right now more than ever before. liberalism is trying to deal  death blow to our nation and we have to stand tall and mount the fight to pry this country out of the hands of  of a bunch of liberals seeking to shred the constitution and start taking away our rights. I hope rump keeps hammering away at these pukes


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