Hillary’s running mate is likely very much like Hilary

Look when you look and the shear number of lies spewed by Hillary over the last year or two one has to wonder how Warren could even stomach climbing on board with Hillary?there is a simple answer and that is that Warren morally is a lot like Hillary. honestly how does a person climb on the Hillary train knowing Hillary labeled the parents of the Benghazi victims liars , knowing Hillary lied and lied about her email problem knowing Hilllary’s husband spends a lot of time with a convicted pedophile. by his point she has to know Hillary is not a nice person and has a lot of ethics issues and  very poor relationship with the truth.So it is in my mind that Elizabeth Warren is probably a lot more like Hillary than we might have expected, I think we have a couple crooked liars look unless you are just like her you cannot work with Hillary but we know warren herself has been known to stretch the truth.However what I see is the crooked beaches campaign will at some point cry over the treatment they receive.


signing off but  never tapping out!

God Bless America

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