Clinton,Warren: Trump is a fraud

I cannot for the life of me understand how a pathological liar and her fake Indian running mate think calling Trump a fraud is going to harm him Hillary polished a seat in the senate for years with an over-sized ass and produced absolutely no legislation worth even a footnotes mention and Warren played the native American Indian card coming out of the blue claiming to be part Indian. Trump is no fraud and the reason he is being called one is that Hillary knows she sin for a battle like she has never seen in her life. from this point on we have to understand these two women will  be telling untruths because both of them are liars. I know Trump is no angel and I know he is a loose cannon, but I also know he is a better individual than either one of these women and he has the support of a lot of people who will help make the dream of a great America ring true for all of us.I am feeling good about Trump in the long run the only thing we need from him s to stay on message and continue saying and doing what got him to where he is at today. Clinton?Warren is a weak ticket and Hillary and her legal woes will bring them down there is no pulling the wool over the eyes of an electorate that is this fired up!

signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America!


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