Hillary may have clenched the nomination

She will never earn the white house.How does anybody with any morals justify sending Hillary to the white house after all her lies? shit she was accused of racketeering and she may yet be indicted. What we need right now is for Donald Trump to get back on message and start hammering Hillary 24-7 He needs to be relentless, brutal and unforgiving the threat she poses to liberty is devastating. She hasn’t won the presidency and yet is already talking about taking away our gun rights this shows us what a zealot she is and what little respect she has for our constitution.We have a president now who has spent eight years trying to destroy the constitution and I will be damned if I will stand by wile this waddling bitch takes her shots at at our supreme law . The only reason she got the nomination because the Bern was pushing socialism. Hillary did not do well in reality she squeaked by and was aided some dirty dealings and a corrupt delegate system. Hillary must be denied, she is dangerous and this country cannot afford the risks she poses to this country.I hope she is indicted as that would likely bring her campaign tumbling down!


Signing off but never tapping out!


God Bless America!


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  1. We are living in a different world, my friend…and it’s not a world we understand. The young kids of today don’t care about morals. They don’t trust institutions and are not likely to give a rat’s ass about her lying. That’s just the way they are. We were raised differently, and we behave differently. I’m praying she can’t get elected. I HOPE she can’t get elected. I’m HOPING that she gets indicted instead!

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