71 percent of Democrats are openly corrupt

A poll was taken last week and 71 percent of democrats said if indicted Hillary should continue her run for the white house. Look if she is indicted the chances of her having broken the law are present so if you are reading this post knowing Hillary is guilty of  crime how do you in good conscience find the ability to vote for a criminal?this is disgusting that with her legal problems, her non stop lies her inability to be truthful when the truth is paramount how have we come to a point in this country where any American would consider casting a vote for a known criminal? This boggles the mind that such a large percentage of democrats would openly support a felon. we have a president now just ready to pardon Hillary if indicted and convicted he is as lawless as her and sets a standard that there is no longer any justice in America! it disgusts me to see people openly willing to accept a felon as our next president. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves that the great nation they designed has become a den of liars and thieves.Obama should be ashamed to even consider for even a moment placing Hillary in a status we would call “above the Law” what has happened to America?how do we ever return to the greatness of the American dream when criminals re welcomed by such a large part of the electorate? it has become obvious that there two sets of laws in this country, one for we the people  and one for he elite and powerfully connected.


signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America!


It is time to take this country back from the blatant corruption that is rotting the hearts and minds of our AMERICA!


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