Fuck George Clooney reblogged from Rifleman III Journal



These Hollywood stars have no idea what it means to have our country back that is the Trump movement and Clooney and his pals will do all they can to destroy the hopes of people like you and I. Hollywood is loaded with nut-jobs like Clooney, Damon Alfleck , because they believe their fame should move mountains while you and I simply want a country no longer run by hypocritical liberals that are corrupt and believe they are above the law.We must win this coming election if there is to be any hope of righting the country and bringing America back from the brink of death!



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  1. Tell Mr. Clooney to take in those Syrian Refugees into his many vacant homes and pitch tents in the backyards

    He should be able to house quite a few

  2. Agreed to Clooney it is easy to disassociate himself from the reality as he will not fid himself asked to deal with this class of people. like most in Hollywood it is a e photo ops and he moves on to another pet project.

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