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I’m sure the conservatives aren’t 100% correct on a lot of things. I know for instance that feeding ketchup to school kids and calling it a vegetable as has been done in the past isn’t right. That’s wrong. But I know there is an underlying fallacy when it comes to liberalism. And I’m sure you’ve heard by now the tired line, “The problem with liberalism is, it never succeeds because it always runs out of money.” That is a very tried and true line (albeit tired). But there is an underlying problem with liberalism that goes deeper than that.

Liberals are believers that government can fix any problem.

That myth (and it IS a myth) is what blows up liberalism every time. Oh yeah, the money aspect of it is important, but government is the only entity in the world that can actually afford to do what liberals want, and that’s why they seek it. But the fact of the matter, and it IS an undeniable fact…governments do certain things well, and they really, really suck at most other things.

Let’s examine that point, because it’s crucial. Governments overall, do a good job at providing for a country’s defense (and again, I’m speaking in general terms here, not talking about the US specifically). Generally, the governments do a decent job at printing money, at maintaining infrastructure, and maintaining their borders (and you can tell I’m not talking about the US now, right?). They create and enact laws to better protect people to a point. I say to a point because they have a tendency when liberals get involved of over-doing everything.

When liberals get involved, they keep trying to push the envelope. Take the VA. The government is terrible at administering healthcare. Veterans Administrations hospitals are some of the worst in existence. And Obamacare is a nightmare of unbridled proportions. Social Security is a fraud. It’s really a Ponzi scheme whereby the current workers are paying those that have retired. And we don’t have enough workers anymore to cover the baby boomers. Medicare and Medicaid fall into the healthcare debacle.

Then there is stuff that is better left to the states like the founding fathers said we should. I’m thinking stuff like education, labor, and health and human services. Those are things states have a much better handle on than a federal government. And there are literally hundreds of other agencies like that which have created this bloated monolith that can’t hardly move. Liberalism creates bureaucracy, that’s what it does because liberals believe governments can solve all of the world’s problems, which it can’t. You can’t legislate morality. You can’t legislate freedom. You can’t legislate intelligence. And when governments try, they fail. They fail at the city level, they fail at the state level, and they fail at the federal level.

Look at the situation Venezuela finds itself in now. Is it because of the United States? No, it’s because Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro’s liberal beliefs are meeting the resistance of money vs. availability. The same has happened in Europe. The same has happened in Asia. It’s a world-wide phenomenon. And, given the chance, it will happen here to the world’s number one economy.

You can’t give free college education, $15 minimum wage for school kids with after-school jobs, and healthcare for all and not have a consequence. But liberals don’t understand that. They think if they can just take the money from the 1%, and spread it around, all will be happy. Of course, you lose the drive of the 1% which makes the other 99% wealthier by giving them jobs. And of course, they can afford to find the loopholes (which always exist). No, liberals in government is a fallacy. It’s being proven in every single country that has liberal leadership. I just pray to God that it doesn’t happen here too!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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